DIY embossing mugs

I think the best Christmas gift is made with love, what about to make it with your hands too?

This year i wanted to play with the embossing pen to write my friend’s name on mugs . Here below some pictures of the presents i made:

What is embossing?

Embossing is a process to create raised texture using only  a special glue pen ,a “magic” powder and a heat gun. This tecnique in the last years became a very popular art  for all those that are in love with lettering and calligraphy.

The cool thing of this process is that you can use this pen on many different surfaces and materials like, ceramic, paper, glass (everything has to be heatproof!). This encrase your creativity and possibilities for making special and unique results.

On Amazon you can buy the basic tools you need to start:

Well, to start  you need to have a basic knowledge of calligraphy. I always look for inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram where i found the “boss” of the embossing tecnique: “Letter me.” She has a blog you can find here with many ideas and tutorials.

Mugs in this picture sare all made by me and decorated with small glitter trees i brought from Tiger Shop.

Hope your Xmas will be happy and colourfull!



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