How to make a DIY tray


This new post is about “how to make a DIY TRAY” using cheep tools.

The process i followed to make this tray is very simple.

What you need :

  • glue
  • clothespins (the bigger ones you can find)
  • a cardboard (to use it as a support)
  • a nice picture you like or a photo to insert inside .

First of all make the support for the tray using a cardboard and cut it in the hexagonal shape. 

Don’t worry it will not be a “perfect hexagon” because of the singular shape of the clothespins.

Therefore insert and glue inside a picture you like.

I choose a vintage map of my city Rome and to preserve it i put a transparent layer over it.

This one was a present for my brother that lives far away from Italy. The idea of Rome is perfect to remind him the period we spent together in this beautiful city.

The dimension of one side of the hexagon depends on the clothespins you use.

Usually one clothespin is about 10 cm, for this project i used two clothespins for each side.

The support and the picture has to be in the middle of the tray. To do that  make 4 layers of clothespins , two for each side.

This will make the tray more strong and with a good thickness.

The DIY frame  can be personalized as you prefer, with a photo or whatever you like.

There are many possibilities to use this DIY TRAY, you can put it standing on a shelf or use it as a frame on a wall.

This idea is almost similar to other two projects i made.

Have a look to the following links:

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I have other many different ideas to share. I’ll show you soon another DIY project just using cheep materials like clothespins.

Just follow me!


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