Pimp your lamp – restyling in progress

Pimp your lamp :  DIY idea to renew a lamp.

DIY Restyling of a lamp

During the last three days i was syck at home. Finally i had time for myself off from the office and i worked to my blog next steps.  During the planning process i wrote a list of “thing to do” . One was the idea for a restyling of the bedroom lamp on my husband side, the lamp is 6 years old and needed a new suit.

The idea came when i found out “tons of felt pom poms” unused in a drawer of my room… they looked very sad.

So, I had time to play and to Pimp my lamp!

easy diy projectThe idea is very easy to make, you just need to arm yourself with hot blue and a little bit of patience.

Do you think my husband Simone will like my new “pimp project”?

Restyling of a lamp

I can also suggest you another different solution to “pimp your lame”. Instead of pom poms you can use small roses. You can make by yourself tons of small roses, just have a look at the tutorial hereContinue reading “Pimp your lamp – restyling in progress”

Paper roses DIY & Happy Mother’s Day!

Paper roses: In this tutorial i will help you to make realistic paper roses in a very simple way!  This is a cheap solution to make a flower bouquet with your imagination . My idea is to use paper roses to decorate a card for the upcoming Mother’s day . Your mom will for sure appreciate it 🙂

May is the month of the year i prefer the most for several reasons.

  • I was born the 8th of May, this is why i feel very comfortable with this period
  • there are many different flowers in the fields
  • the sky i turns into a deep and warm blue
  • I usually start to go for long walkings to the beach
  • I used to eat at least one ice-cream at week!

There is also a nice coincidence, in several places in the world the 8th of May is usually know as the “Mother’s day” and roses are the best known flowers of this period!


Super easy project!

What you need:

  • A4 paper or A4 cardboard in different colors,
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • the best of your fantasy!
  1. First you have to draw different spirals with a pencil, you don’t have to be precise (i’m not!). Make different circles in dimensions.

DIY paper roses

2) Then use scissors to cut spirals, follow the picture above.

DIY paper roses

3) Start to roll tightly from the end of the shape going inside.  Is even more easy to make them then to explain it with words, so please take a minute and try to make one.





DIY paper roses

4) Finally glue the end of the shape and finalize the rose. Roses of the picture are made with a thin cardboard.

DIY paper roses









That’s all folks! Isn’t it easy?

Then enjoy making more of them , this will help you to make a big roses bouquet. I like this DIY because there is no limit to the roses dimensions!


In this second part i’ll show you my idea of a greeting card for Mother’s day party.   Continue reading “Paper roses DIY & Happy Mother’s Day!”

DIY stadium “pop up card” – Free postcard n.3

How to make a DIY Stadium “pop up” card, free template.

Let’s talk about…football!

Last saturday i was invited to a friend’s party for his 70th birthday. The party was the perfect opportunity to think a special gift for him.

He is a “super supporter” of Fiorentina football team, and the idea came up in few seconds…”hey let’s build a stadium”! Well…it is not exactly a real one.

The template i made is here:  download it and use the “stadium pop up card” for free.

The following photos shows you how to make a “Stadium pop up card”,  please let’s share this post once before you go, thank you!

DIY Stadium Pop Up Card

DIY Stadium Pop Up Card

Let’s build the stadium:

it is easy to make, you only need to print the free template i made here and follow the instructions.

Then use your fantasy to make it special and unique!  Sure…if you don’t like violet, you can change colors and build the stadium of your football team too!!!

I can’t wait to have a look to your great art attack work! Enjoy!

Auguri Vanni!!!

DIY Stadium Pop Up Card

Do you like it?
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DIY S. Valentine’s day decoration

I’m super proud to show you my first DIY project video for Youtube. Finally you can subscribe to my channel here !

Let’s show you my new DIY project for S. Valentine’s day.

How to make super nice cardboards hearts using only one red cardboard.

What you need is:

  • red cardboard
  • scissor
  • glue
  • 4 wooden sticks (for sure you’ll find them in your kitchen)
  • 4 scarabeo letters (to write LOVE or something else)

In the following video  i’ll show how to make them, but is very simple.

  1. cut the cardboard in 4 or more stripes 2cm x 20 cm (but you can choose a different dimension);

3) cut stripes in half

4) cut edges

5) glue stripes on sticks and…make hearts as in the picture:

7) complete the decoration withe four scarabeo letters or write the word you like the most:

You made it!

Enjoy your S. Valentine’s day. You can use them to decorate a cake, or your house 🙂

Here the video where i’ll show you how to easily make cardboards hearts, please SHARE and SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube channel!

Happy S. Valentine’s day

Love you all!



Christmas table setting

Finally i have time to show you the “Do it Juicy Christmas table setting”.

Have a look and save some DIY ideas for your next party.

I used natural materials and colors :

  • gold (as stars)
  • green (as plants)
  • white (as snow)
  • and light brown (as wood)

I love the soft light of candles and the mix of different materials like glass, plants (eucalyptus) and wood.

My table was not too big and i didn’t have too much space to make a centerpiece. So i made three different spots running on a central tape of a natural cotton. Each spot was made of : one white candle, one small glass jar ad some eucalyptus.

And sure there was a present for my guests too! A DIY christmas ball in each plate with guests photos inside.

It was a magic christmas, do you like it?

Here you can find more photos of my project.

Enjoy 🙂

Continua a leggere per la traduzione in italiano… Continue reading “Christmas table setting”

Table setting party ideas

Ogni anno nuovo che si rispetti inizia con “la lista delle cose da fare” : progetti, idee, ispirazioni e..viaggi da fare.

Non c’è modo migliore di iniziare una lista se non guardando alle cose che “sono in casa e a quelle che mancano”. Mi guardo indietro e raccolgo quello che ho seminato durante i primi mesi di attività per prepararmi a ripartire.

Grazie a questo blog sono successe tante cose e sono impaziente di vedere quello che mi riserverà il futuro. Intanto però vi voglio mostrare in cosa sono stata tanto impegnata durante lo scorso dicembre.

Inizio con qualche foto del mio primo “Table setting” realizzato per il pranzo di Natale in famiglia.

I used to start every New Year writing down a “To do list” : projects, ideas, plans and…places i would like to visit.

The best way to do it is to check “what is in and what is missing”. I’m looking back to the very beginning of this blog.  Is it everything well done? Last 2016 months were great, i had the opportunity to do things by my self and express my ideas.

Now i can’t wait to look how many beautiful things will happen!

While i’m writing my new “to do list” i would like to show you some ideas i had for the past Xmas party.

We had the traditional Xmas italian lunch in our house in Rome.

Here how our “Table setting” looked like,  enjoy it!

FOLLOWING MORE PHOTOS   Continue reading “Table setting party ideas”

Anna nella neve

Questa cosa di giocare con la neve finta mi sta sfuggendo di mano…

palla di neve

Anna è la bellissima bimba di quattro mesi di una coppia di amici, dire che è tenerissima è poco!

Ho sfruttato il mio sabato pomeriggio per realizzare una palla di neve da appendere all’albero che spero le ricorderà sempre il suo primo Natale.

Per realizzare la palla come quella della foto dovete prima di tutto: Continue reading “Anna nella neve”

Valentina in a snow globe

La giornata di ieri a Roma è stata gelida e per la prima volta ho pensato che devo urgentemente fare il cambio di stagione.

Alla mia età però “non mi va di perdere tempo in cose che non mi va di fare”,  ho quindi preferito mettermi a creare un pensiero per un’amica speciale. Una “snow globe” alternativa, come Valentina.

Il cambio di stagione può aspettare, opterò per i prossimi giorni per il classico stile a cipolla .

Snow globe

Valentina è un’amica speciale,  Continue reading “Valentina in a snow globe”

Halloween paper flower crown

Quando arriva Halloween penso sempre ad un film e ad un costume che mi piacerebbe indossare per la festa: “La Sposa Cadavere” di Tim Burton.

La sposa del film è magra, triste ed indossa una coroncina di fiori rinsecchiti. Anche io sono sposa ma felice, quindi la mia versione della coroncina è decisamente più rigogliosa.

Paper flower crown

Come l’ho costruita?

E’ fatta di fiori di carta crespa bicolore in diverse dimensioni assemblati con le mie manine, potete realizzarla facilmente anche voi. Le tonalità lugubri la rendono perfetta per la serata di Halloween o per sessioni fotografiche di street art.

Nel post vi spiego come costruirla e dove potete trovare il murales della foto.

Continue reading “Halloween paper flower crown”

Best Halloween DIY ideas

Avete già deciso cosa fare per Halloween? Ho selezionato per voi undici facilissime idee fai da te.  Potete prendere spunto da queste per abbellire le vostre case, divertirvi in cucina o con i bambini.

Halloween moodboard

“Ragni, serpenti, scorpioni … ” e ancora fantasmi, pipistrelli, zucche, gatti neri, streghe e mostriciattoli, adoro queste feste pagane!

I colori predominanti della moodboard oltre all’arancio delle zucche sono il viola, il nero ed il bianco.  Questi sono i colori che userò per decorare la mia tavola e …

Continue reading “Best Halloween DIY ideas”