DIY stadium “pop up card” – Free postcard n.3

How to make a DIY Stadium “pop up” card, free template.

Let’s talk about…football!

Last saturday i was invited to a friend’s party for his 70th birthday. The party was the perfect opportunity to think a special gift for him.

He is a “super supporter” of Fiorentina football team, and the idea came up in few seconds…”hey let’s build a stadium”! Well…it is not exactly a real one.

The template i made is here:  download it and use the “stadium pop up card” for free.

The following photos shows you how to make a “Stadium pop up card”,  please let’s share this post once before you go, thank you!

DIY Stadium Pop Up Card

DIY Stadium Pop Up Card

Let’s build the stadium:

it is easy to make, you only need to print the free template i made here and follow the instructions.

Then use your fantasy to make it special and unique!  Sure…if you don’t like violet, you can change colors and build the stadium of your football team too!!!

I can’t wait to have a look to your great art attack work! Enjoy!

Auguri Vanni!!!

DIY Stadium Pop Up Card

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  1. That is just awesome! Thank you so much – this is exactly what I needed to make my snail mail sports trivia more interesting!

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