Paper roses DIY & Happy Mother’s Day! – Free postcard n.4

Paper roses: In this tutorial i will help you to make realistic paper roses in a very simple way!  This is a cheap solution to make a flower bouquet with your imagination . My idea is to use paper roses to decorate a card for the upcoming Mother’s day . Your mom will for sure appreciate it 🙂

Happy mother's day

May is the month of the year i prefer the most for several reasons.

  • I was born the 8th of May, this is why i feel very comfortable with this period
  • there are many different flowers in the fields
  • the sky i turns into a deep and warm blue
  • I usually start to go for long walkings to the beach
  • I use to eat at least one ice-cream at week!

There is also a nice coincidence, in several places in the world the 8th of May is usually know as the “Mother’s day” and roses are the best known flowers of this period!


Super easy project!

What you need:

  • A4 paper or A4 cardboard in different colors,
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • the best of your fantasy!
  1. First you have to draw different spirals with a pencil, you don’t have to be precise (i’m not!). Make different circles in dimensions.

DIY paper roses

2) Then use scissors to cut spirals, follow the picture above.

DIY paper roses

3) Start to roll tightly from the end of the shape going inside.  Is even more easy to make them then to explain it with words, so please take a minute and try to make one.





DIY paper roses

4) Finally glue the end of the shape and finalize the rose. Roses of the picture are made with a thin cardboard.

DIY paper roses









That’s all folks! Isn’t it easy?

Then enjoy making more of them , this will help you to make a big roses bouquet. I like this DIY because there is no limit to the roses dimensions!


In this second part i’ll show you my idea of a greeting card for Mother’s day party.

You only need to choose an A4 cardboard of the color you like: i think green is a good solution for my bouquet. Then fold it in an half.

Paper roses

Following more picture of my card.

I cut out  an “heart”  because i think is the perfect solution to express your love for your mom! Then arrange and glue roses inside it.

Paper roses

Enjoy it!

ps. How many ideas can you realize with paper roses? Please share this post and write me, i’ll be happy to help you to realize your ideas!!!



Happy mother's day

Happy mother's day

Happy mother's day






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