Calligraphy and Christmas

With this new post i’ll show you how to use Calligraphy for Christmas.

Since last year I became more confident with brush pens and other writing instruments, that’s why i choosed to insert Calligrahy for my last Christmas table setting.

The idea is simple but spectacular!

To make it you need cheep tools:

  • plastic sheets
  • a permanet black pen/brush

  1. Just cut the plastic sheet in a roud shape with the same dimension of the plate of your table setting.
  2. Write on the round shape using your best calligraphy as in the following pictures.
  3. Just place the round shapes on the appetizer plates.

For Christmas is perfect to write greetings as I did.

I choosed for my Christmas table setting different languages to honor my guests coming from Spain.

Here following are more pictures of my special Calligraphy table setting. I know i still have to learn and improve my self with handlettering and calligraphy, but i think the result of this table setting  is gorgeous! What i I like the most is the shadow that words creates on plates. Isn’t it nice?

Was your Christmas “Merry and Bright”? Well,  mine was creative and tasty too…gnam!

ps. The idea for this project is new and is “totally” born from my creativity. Please feel free to share it or copy it, but please don’t forget to tag my blog or my original post too.

Thank you 😀









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