DIY Paper Cactus – Free postcard n. 5

CACTUS: “any types of desert plant usually with sharp spines (…)”.

Well, i feel i’m a Cactus in this period, i’m cute but with sharp spines 🙂


Do you have a green thumb?

If the answer is NO, this DIY is exactly for you! There’s no need for water to gave birth to the following CACTUS!

Here is the idea to make a special “cactus birthday card“.



To make this DIY birthday card you only need:

  • a white paper sheet
  •  green paper sheets (at least in 3 different colors)
  • decorated and colored sheets (use and reuse what you have at home)
  •  scissors and glue
  • and the secret tool:  your fantasy!


Choose a green sheet to cut two different shapes: an hearth and a leaf.

Then follow the second picture to make the paper plant.

Then following  your fantasy and tools make many different plants in colors and shapes.

You can choose a color to make a flower and different layers of green paper to make the Cactus plant more real with spines.

The following one with a pink flower is the one i prefer the most 🙂

The sky is the only limit for your fantasy!

Feel free to create, cut and imagine new Cactus plants and please send me your ideas and creation.

It’ll be fun to share our ideas.

Then, when you think you have the right number of paper cactus , glue them on a white paper card and write in it your birthday wish.

If you still prefer “real” succulent or cactus plants then read this article, it’ll help you to grow super nice and healthy plants 😉

Enjoy this easy DIY, leave a comment if you like it and feel free to share this idea…or have a look at this different DIY birthday card.





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