Last days of pregnancy

Last days of my pregnancy are weird: days are passing by slowly and the sense of time has been suspended.

I feel like i live in a “bubble“.

Every time i perceive a different signal from my body i get nervous, but then nothing happens.

Who knows, maybe tonight the baby will come!

In the same time there is no doubt that my pregnancy since the beginning was great.

No pain or nausea at all, i’m still feeling very good and my belly as a pregnant is not heavy to carry.

I can say that last 9 months were probably the best of my life!

During the very last days i’m spending time for my blog and projects, i already know that i’ll have few time after he arrived.

Continuing with my last blog post about how to use cheap materials like clothespins, here are new photos of another DIY FRAME.

Have a look and leave me a note if you appreciate it.

The process  to make this tray is very simple, is explained in this previous post – just follow the link .

The DIY frame  can be personalized as you prefer, with a photo or whatever you like.

In this option the frame is finished with a calligraphy i wrote using some Marvy Uchida markers, i love them!

There are many possibilities to use this DIY object, you can put it standing on a shelf or use it as a frame on a wall.

I like the colors and the contrast with my bedroom’s wall.

Have a look to the following links of other projects i made:

1- How to make a DIY FRAME

2- DIY hexagonal tray 

3- How to make a DIY TRAY

Enjoy & follow me!


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