Last days of pregnancy

Last days of my pregnancy are weird: days are passing by slowly and the sense of time has been suspended.

I feel like i live in a “bubble“.

Every time i perceive a different signal from my body i get nervous, but then nothing happens.

Who knows, maybe tonight the baby will come!

In the same time there is no doubt that my pregnancy since the beginning was great.

No pain or nausea at all, i’m still feeling very good and my belly as a pregnant is not heavy to carry.

I can say that last 9 months were probably the best of my life!

During the very last days i’m spending time for my blog and projects, i already know that i’ll have few time after he arrived.

Continuing with my last blog post about how to use cheap materials like clothespins, here are new photos of another DIY FRAME.

Have a look and leave me a note if you appreciate it.

The process  to make this tray is very simple, is explained in this previous post – just follow the link .

The DIY frame  can be personalized as you prefer, with a photo or whatever you like.

In this option the frame is finished with a calligraphy i wrote using some Marvy Uchida markers, i love them!

There are many possibilities to use this DIY object, you can put it standing on a shelf or use it as a frame on a wall.

I like the colors and the contrast with my bedroom’s wall.

Have a look to the following links of other projects i made:

1- How to make a DIY FRAME

2- DIY hexagonal tray 

3- How to make a DIY TRAY

Enjoy & follow me!


How to make a DIY tray


This new post is about “how to make a DIY TRAY” using cheep tools.

The process i followed to make this tray is very simple.

What you need :

  • glue
  • clothespins (the bigger ones you can find)
  • a cardboard (to use it as a support)
  • a nice picture you like or a photo to insert inside .

First of all make the support for the tray using a cardboard and cut it in the hexagonal shape.  Continue reading “How to make a DIY tray”

DIY Paper Cactus – Free postcard n. 5

CACTUS: “any types of desert plant usually with sharp spines (…)”.

Well, i feel i’m a Cactus in this period, i’m cute but with sharp spines 🙂


Do you have a green thumb?

If the answer is NO, this DIY is exactly for you! There’s no need for water to gave birth to the following CACTUS!

Here is the idea to make a special “cactus birthday card“.



To make this DIY birthday card you only need: Continue reading “DIY Paper Cactus – Free postcard n. 5”

Calligraphy and Christmas

With this new post i’ll show you how to use Calligraphy for Christmas.

Since last year I became more confident with brush pens and other writing instruments, that’s why i choosed to insert Calligrahy for my last Christmas table setting.

The idea is simple but spectacular!

To make it you need cheep tools:

  • plastic sheets
  • a permanet black pen/brush

Continue reading “Calligraphy and Christmas”

DIY embossing mugs

I think the best Christmas gift is made with love, what about to make it with your hands too?

This year i wanted to play with the embossing pen to write my friend’s name on mugs . Here below some pictures of the presents i made:

What is embossing?

Embossing is a process to create raised texture using only  a special glue pen ,a “magic” powder and a heat gun. This tecnique in the last years became a very popular art  for all those that are in love with lettering and calligraphy.

The cool thing of this process is that you can use this pen on many different surfaces and materials like, ceramic, paper, glass (everything has to be heatproof!). This encrase your creativity and possibilities for making special and unique results.

On Amazon you can buy the basic tools you need to start:

Well, to start  you need to have a basic knowledge of calligraphy. I always look for inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram where i found the “boss” of the embossing tecnique: “Letter me.” She has a blog you can find here with many ideas and tutorials. Continue reading “DIY embossing mugs”

DIY Advent Calendar

Christmas is right around the corner, are you ready for the count down?

I love the tradition of the Advent calendar but is the first time i made one. In Italy the advent calendar is not the main tradition,  we usually start decorating our houses on the day of the Immaculate Conception, December 8. Along with the fancy lights, wreaths and trees, presepe (or nativity scenes) are displayed in many churches, piazzas and also private houses.

The idea for my DIY Advent Calendar came since i wanted to make a presepe too this year . In “nativity scenes” italians usually demonstrate their artistic impulse, and so do I!

Here is my idea of a DIY advent calendar that will absolutely inspire you to make your own. Materials you need:

  • n. 25 brown cardboard boxes
  • one white cardboard sheet
  • n. 25 small plastic animals (preferably in white)
  • little pom poms
  • glue/scissors…and fantasy

Continue reading “DIY Advent Calendar”

Trick or treat?

Everything is almost ready for Halloween night.

The door’s house is adorned with horrible subjects like skeletons, pumpkins and spiders and the party is going to be funny with my friends.

Last day i brought some Halloween straws from Tiger shop (with skeletons and pumpkins decorations) and i realized that will be fun to create something with them.

Than the DIY idea : i need a door wreath!

To make the door wreath i used these tools:  Continue reading “Trick or treat?”

Hexagonal nordic DIY tray

Today i’ll show you how to make a “nordic style” DIY tray.

diy tray

Why you should spend money if you can buit it by youself? Let’s talk about it!

In this period i’m totally in love with geometrical shapes, expecially triangles and squares.

Maybe it’s for my “professional deformation”. Did i told you that i’m an Architect?

Today i’ll show you this new DIY idea i had by mixing together CLOTHESPINS and TRIANGLES.

The process is very easy, you only need :

  • glue
  • clothespins (the bigger ones you can find in wood)
  • a nice drawing you like.


Have you read my last post about “how to make a DIY triangle boxes” from clothespins?

If not here you can find the link.

The picture here shows the process to make a triangle,

but it’s quite the same to make the haxagon.





I only used a white cardboard to write “enjoy life” and on the back a pink one that i shaped as an hexagon.

The size dipends on the one of clothespins you use, one side of the hexagon is about 10 cm.

DIY hexagonal tray

DIY tray

This is the first prototype and i like it in it’s semplicity, next time i’ll sure make a new and bigger one using two clothepins for side.

You can use the DIY tray as a frame for your summer pictures and:

  • hang it on a wall

  • place it on a shelf.

How many others different solution you can find?

If you don’t like the color you can easily change it because wooden clothepins can be paint.

DIY tray wooden   DIY wooden tray

Well this moring i had a really dark cooffee, and it was nice to use this DIY idea as a tray, isn’t it?

But first coffee

I’m italian, the coffee is a must, i can’t even imagine a mornig without it!

DIY first coffee

DIT clothepin tray

Please feel free to share and talk about this idea!































Clothespin, a new craft idea

How can such a simple object as a clothespin can be transformed in so many crafty ideas?

Wooden clothespin can be used not only for hanging the wash, but also for many different crafty ideas.

I always look on Pinterest and web for inspiration but i do not copy other’s ideas and projects.

What i learned in this first year of blogging is that it’s not easy to be different and share new solutions.

I love to be differt and to show my originality but it’s an hard work. And you know…

It’s exciting when a new  idea come!

I’m very happy to show you my project, you’ll enjoy it for sure :

  • is simple
  • cheap
  • easy to make
  • useful.

Follow the picture above to make it from different clothespin.

Simply glue together three of them and use a cardboard to close one side.

I have a beautiful cardboard book  from Tiger shop   that was waiting to be used for a project. I choosed three different decorations for the back side.

This is the final look of the triangle boxes , i use them in my bedroom to store my precius rings and jewels.


Do you like it? Please write me or share your ideas with the #doitjuicy and have a look to my page.


“One famous clothespin is a sculpture by Claes Oldenburg, entitled Clothespin. It is in Philadelphia across the street from the City Hall, and can be seen in the movie Trading Places.”