DIY Paper Cactus – Free postcard n. 5

CACTUS: “any types of desert plant usually with sharp spines (…)”.

Well, i feel i’m a Cactus in this period, i’m cute but with sharp spines ūüôā


Do you have a green thumb?

If the answer is NO, this DIY is exactly for you! There’s no need for water to gave birth to the following CACTUS!

Here is the idea to make a special “cactus birthday card“.



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DIY Advent Calendar

Christmas is right around the corner, are you ready for the count down?

I love the tradition of the Advent calendar but is the first time i made one. In Italy the advent calendar is not the main tradition,  we usually start decorating our houses on the day of the Immaculate Conception, December 8. Along with the fancy lights, wreaths and trees, presepe (or nativity scenes) are displayed in many churches, piazzas and also private houses.

The idea for my DIY Advent Calendar came since i wanted to make a¬†presepe too this year . In “nativity scenes” italians usually demonstrate their artistic impulse, and so do I!

Here is my idea of a DIY advent calendar that will absolutely inspire you to make your own. Materials you need:

  • n. 25 brown cardboard boxes
  • one white cardboard sheet
  • n. 25 small plastic animals (preferably in white)
  • little pom poms
  • glue/scissors…and fantasy

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DIY stadium “pop up card” – Free postcard n.3

How to make a DIY Stadium “pop up” card, free template.

Let’s talk about…football!

Last saturday i was invited to a friend’s party¬†for his 70th birthday. The party was the perfect opportunity to think¬†a special gift for him.

He is a “super supporter” of Fiorentina football team, and¬†the idea came up in few seconds…”hey let’s build a¬†stadium”! Well…it is not exactly a real one.

The template i made is here: ¬†download it and use the “stadium pop up card” for free.

The following photos¬†shows you how to make a “Stadium pop up card”, ¬†please let’s share this post once before you go, thank you!

DIY Stadium Pop Up Card

DIY Stadium Pop Up Card

Let’s build¬†the stadium:

it is easy to make, you only need to print the free template i made here and follow the instructions.

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Free Carnival postcard & mask – Free postcard n.2

I’m happy to share with you ¬†a diy “Carnival postcard”: a paper postcard that can be used as a mask too.¬†

The key words of this blog post are: Carnival + DIY + postcard + art therapy, such a great mix of ideas!

(ps. This is the second FREE POSTCARD¬†i made, if you missed the first one…have a look to¬†this page.)

The Carnival-postcard-mask was a present for my super¬†friend Irene.¬†The drawing for the postcard was inspired by her and the gorgeous city where she lives: Barcelona. Irene is an enthusiastic architect, i think she’ll enjoy the idea that she can color herself the postcard-mask.

Download for free the Carnival Mask i made for my friend Irene – here – .

The idea, the project and the drawing is a “Do it Juicy” original idea, inspired by “art therapy”.

I’m a proud supporter of the power of colors and pencils, drawing help my to be¬†concentrated and has a¬†therapeutic power.

(WIKI¬†… ¬†Adult coloring books¬†help with developing fine motor skills and vision, reducing anxiety and creating focus, and relieving stress and anxiety in a manner similar to¬†meditation.[19]¬†Concentrating on coloring may facilitate the replacement of negative thoughts and images with pleasant ones….)¬†

The “Carnival-postcard-mask” has a double use:

  • you can choose to write-colour-and send it to a fried
  • or you can just made your own carnival mask…HOW?

Just follow the following instructions, but first download here the FREE TEMPLATE: 



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Anna nella neve

Questa cosa di giocare con la¬†neve finta mi sta sfuggendo di mano…

palla di neve

Anna è la bellissima bimba di quattro mesi di una coppia di amici, dire che è tenerissima è poco!

Ho sfruttato il mio sabato pomeriggio per realizzare una palla di neve¬†da appendere all’albero che spero le ricorder√† sempre il suo primo Natale.

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Una cartolina al mese – Free postcard n.1

Viaggiatori è arrivata la cartolinara!

Nasce da oggi una nuova rubrica nel blog: “Una cartolina al mese”.

Vi parler√≤ di¬†cartoline, mete, amori, partenze, addii… e nuovi inizi.

In pi√Ļ ho deciso di farvi un regalo, una cartolina (al mese) da scaricare, stampare e spedire a chi volete.

Scaricatela gratuitamente alla fine del post.

///// Hi bloggers, i’ll show you today my new project called “A month’s postcard”.

I love to express myself with new technologies , but i’m still an “old style girl”: i love paper and i love to write with inks and colours.

So wellcome to this new idea!

I’ll draw and create a postcard (every months or two),¬† you just have to download it, print and send to the one you love.

Find the free postcard template at the end of the post…enjoy it! /////

cartolina da caponord

Inevitabilmente ogni mio viaggio è accompagnato da :

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